Sunday, January 11, 2009

resolutions v2.09

I generally don't make New Years Resolutions, and I've never written any of them down before. But, well, I've got a few on my mind, so I'll jot them down and we'll see what happens over the next 12 months:

Resolution #1: Read 24 Books In 2009
I enjoy reading, but since college I've been taking a long sabbatical from reading books. I made a little progress here last year with the reading of "4 Hour Work Week" and "Surprised By Hope", but two books is certainly not enough reading. I also "discovered" audio books, and when I say discovered I mean I finally got myself over the mental hurdle that "listening to a book isn't really reading it". I still acknowledge that listening isn't nearly the same as reading, but I don't have time to read everything I want to, and listening is better than nothing at all.

So, when I say read I mean that I will either read or listen to 24 books this year. My hope is that this reading will be diverse - business, theology, fiction, etc. I'm part of a men's Bible study this year, and within that we'll be reading 6 theology books, so that's covered. Business books are easy to do on audio book - I'm currently listening to 'The WalMart Effect', and it's absolutely fascinating. I'll probably update on others as I knock them out.

Resolution #2: Work Out, Or Do Some Physical Activity, For At Least 5 Minutes Each Day
I just have to face facts. I'm basically the most lazy person in the world. And I know that 'working out' for 5 minutes a day is hardly working out, and I know that it's a really sissy thing to write down on this list, but I have to start somewhere. I've tried to make resolutions of sorts before regarding health and fitness, and I always fall far short of what I hoped for. Five minutes is intentionally an overly-manageable target, and hopefully it will turn into more than that.

Resolution #3: Go On A Mission Trip
Steph and I have been wanting to do an oversea missions trip since we started attending Grace a few years ago, and timing / finances haven't come together yet. But this year we're going to do it - don't know where yet, or how, but we will. In fact, Steph is filling out her application right now.. looks like I better find my passport.


Meg Shifrin said...

Five minutes a day is nothing to laugh at. Over the course of a year, that comes to over one entire day of exercising... That's a whole day that you could be doing something else--like reading 24 books.

Anonymous said...

you go! but i highly disagree with the "lazy" comment. and yay for the trip...can't wait to hear how it all comes together for you guys!

- squacks

uncle tim said...

I have a great friend who's been in Tanzania for like 3 years....she could hook you up.