Thursday, August 28, 2008

Collegiate Peaks Wilderness: Day 4

I'll be writing a few posts on our 2008 backpacking trip to the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness in Colorado. You can see a Google Map of our hike and all of the pictures of from our trip on Flickr.

July 30, 2008

Today was definitely the hardest and most difficult day yet, but the most rewarding. We left Texas Creek at 9:30 this morning and started hiking towards Brown's Pass - a full 1,000 feet climb in elevation. Not gonna lie - it was pretty difficult at times.

Saw some great scenery today on the way up including a couple boulder fields which were a nice backdrop against the canyons below. Near the top was an old gold miner's cabin that had been destroyed - the roof caved in and house sunken below the foundation. Finally around noon the low valley of the pass came into view... my favorite part of any backpacking trip. I love watching the next mountain range come into view from across the pass, and you can always see for miles and miles. I was the first one to the top, so I set up my camera to take pictures of each person in our group as they approach the pass.

Once everyone was on top we grabbed a quick lunch and took some photographs. We also met a couple other groups at the top, including a youth group from Austin, MN. Going down the pass was 10 times easier and faster. We found a really nice campsite where we met the stream again and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing there. Steph and I made supper tonight - well really it was Steph - minestrone soup and beef stew.

Tomorrow we go up Mt. Yale, sans packs thank goodness.

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