Monday, March 31, 2008

radiohead: in rainbows

This week I'm sharing with you my "Five favorite albums that aren't available on Napster but are available on Imeem". So if we're going to do this, let's start it off right...

In Rainbows was released by Radiohead in October '07 as a pay-what-you want download through the band's personal website, to the delight of fans across the globe and the chagrin of many a major label. For better or worse most of the chatter about this album centered around the band's unique distribution and marketing plan for the record, but let's face it - this is likely the best album of 2007 and ranks up there in the category of masterpiece amongst the band's catalog to date.

"Bodysnatchers" is a powerful track - reminiscent of the title track from 1995's The Bends - and best listened with headphones to hear some amazing stereo perspective on the dueling guitar riffs. High point of the album for me is the sequence of "Faust Arp" followed by "Reckoner" - tracks perfect for a rainy spring day, or a drive through the country.

Enjoy the music....

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