Monday, July 09, 2007

pyrokinesis (redemption edition)

I'm happy to say, following my July 4th "fireworks", that I've honed my burger grilling skills somewhat. Thanks to Tim for the helpful tips, I followed his advice and made my burgers "thinner than you would think necessary" and added a splash of Gate's BBQ sauce to "help them hold together". Of course my traditional spice package included Lawry's, paprika, and red pepper flakes.

The key to the whole process I found was to keep the burners on as low as they go and to embrace the flames. Grease fire? Bring it on! You won't terrify me no longer.

So while the end result of the 4th of July was a little to much carbon, the 8th of July were quite likely the most fantastic burgers I have created in quite a long while.


uncle tim said...

embrace the grease....own it. love it...protect it. Congrats!
Fat guys always know how to cook stuff...tune in next week for "how making anything with Nexcastle is just...well.....BETTER.

uncle tim said...

oops...Newcastle. I can't even spell my own secret ingredient.

Janet said...

I have a grill. I do not believe that I have ever used it. Hmm.