Thursday, May 03, 2007

driving me insane

Thank you Tim for your recent comment on my last post. You know I can't do another post until you comment... appreciate that.

So we're doing it again, beginning tonight... the mad crazy drive home to Minnesota to take part in a family event all of which will total more hours on the road than we actually spend with our family.

My brother's graduating. We're going home. It was a last minute decision. I don't want to make the drive, but it will be good to be there with him... unconcious as we may be tomorrow morning at 9:30AM.

Insanity coupled with foolishness, compounded by caffiene.

Today you should listen to:
Arcade Fire "Keep The Car Running"


Janet said...

As long as you know you're insane, it's alright :)

uncle tim said...

i don't see how you'll make the trip without the Neilmobile!