Monday, October 23, 2006

a slight change of font

While guest blogging for Tim over the weekend, I realized that the font he uses for his blogs is Verdana, not Arial as I mistakenly once assumed. When writing emails at work I much prefer the use of Arial over Verdana... for some reason Verdana in emails just grates on me.

I'm going to overlook this however, because I have always liked the font presentation on Tim's blog, especially with the "small" font size. Unfortunately Arial is ridiculously hard to read with the "small" font size. And because I would ultimately prefer a smaller font, I am going to bite the bullet on this one and make a slight change to my blogger fonting... I am now a Verdana blogger.

I am sorry for the time you wasted just reading this post. If you would like something a little more entertaining, check out the three posts I wrote on Tim's site this weekend...


burnshead said...

Having made the stated font change, I realized it did not quite have the full effect I desired, so I have changed my template as well. Hopefully all 1 of my readers can handle these shocking progressions.

We're moving forward, one step at a time... well, this was two steps. Two steps at a time.

Janet said...

Hello, you have 2 readers at least :P

And by the way, great job blogsitting! I thoroughly enjoyed reading Tim's blog today when I got home!

The Giesenator said...

if you want to find out what Flint and Steel song you are